Tournaments; Our Requirements and Philosophy

AK Martial Arts & Fitness participates in domestic and international tournaments each year.  Tournaments attended have been evaluated and accredited for good conduct and sportsmanship before any student is allowed to compete.  On average, AK Martial Arts & Fitness students have an opportunity to voluntarily in various tournaments through out the year.  If you are an AKMA student and would like to participate in a tournament that is not on the list, please submit your request to Sa Bom Nim Gilvey at the front desk.  She will confer with Kwan Jang Nim Trudgill for required approvals.

All students are encouraged to participate in tournaments so that they strengthen their confidence, presentation skills, learn valuable life lessons (winning and losing) and to create new and lasting friendships with other competitors from all over the world.

AK Martial Arts & Fitness is also home to many black belt world champions and grand champions that are dedicated in supporting AK Martial Arts & Fitness and to help other students prepare and be the best they can be at a competing tournament.

AK Martial Arts & Fitness offers free tournament training for all active students ages 3 and up.  Please Review below for more tournament information and training dates.


San Diego International Classic, Oceanside California


Tournaments & Training Schedule

September 15th Champions for Children Tournament Hosted by Family Karate. 

Venue: AK Martial Arts & Fitness, 6120 Innovation Way, Bressi Ranch Carlsbad

Event Schedule:

12:30 Registration and Pre Registration Check In

12:45 Judges Meeting

1:00 Open Ceremonies

1:30 to 5 pm ring competitions.  Please note that younger children’s events are first.  The day will end with black belts and black belt candidate competitions.  Please talk to your school instructors for more detailed information based on your belt ranks.

Please click here to download the registration form for this tournament.  Note that all forms and payments must be sent directly to Family Karate.  If you are an AKMA student, please contact the front desk if you need assistance in filling out your form at [email protected]  If you are attending a school (other than AK Martial Arts & Fitness) that has not been approved by Family Karate to attend this event, please contact Master Truscott of Family Karate for review and consideration.

AK Martial Arts and Fitness Tournament Training for AKMA Students

AKMA Students, Sign up Here for training classes or
see the Front Desk. A minimum of 3 attendees must sign up for trainings to happen.

Dragons / Adults (ages 8 and up)

Tuesday 8/14 – 6-7pm – Sparring

Wednesday 8/15 – 5:30pm-6:30pm – Forms and one steps

Tuesday 8/21 – 6-7pm – Sparring

Wednesday 8/22 – 5:30pm-6:30pm – Forms and one steps

Tuesday 8/28 – 6-7pm – Sparring

Wednesday 8/29 – 5:30pm-6:30pm – Sparring

Saturday 9/1 – 11:00-Noon – Sparring

Tuesday 9/4 – 6-7pm – Sparring

Tuesday 9/11 – 6-7pm – Sparring

Wednesday 9/12 – 5:30pm-6:30pm – Forms and one steps


Senior Tigers Ages 5 to 7

Saturday 9/1 – 10:00-11:00 – Senior Tiger combos/forms – Gym 2

Wednesday 9/5 – 5:30pm-6:30pm – Senior Tiger combos/forms

Wednesday 9/12 – 5:30pm-6:30pm – Senior Tiger combos/forms

View Sr Tiger Tournament Form Here


Little Tigers Ages 3 & 4

Practice of Star Block Combo forms will be done in class.

Check back often for additions, links and changes in schedule for Tournament Events

View Little Tiger Star Block Combo Form Here


November 17th Champions for Children Tournament Hosted by Family Karate. 

Venue: AK Martial Arts & Fitness, 6120 Innovation Way, Bressi Ranch Carlsbad

Details TBD at later Date

tournaments international and domestic

Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation, Wales UK


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