Tournaments; Our Requirements and Philosophy

AK Martial Arts & Fitness participates in domestic and international tournaments each year.  Tournaments attended have been evaluated and accredited for good conduct and sportsmanship before any student is allowed to compete.  On average, AK Martial Arts & Fitness students have an opportunity to voluntarily compete in 6 to 8 tournaments per year.

All students are encouraged to participate in tournaments so that they strengthen their confidence, presentation skills, learn valuable life lessons (winning and losing) and to create new and lasting friendships with other competitors from all over the world.

AK Martial Arts & Fitness is also home to many black belt world champions and grand champions that are dedicated in supporting AK Martial Arts & Fitness and to help other students prepare and be the best they can be at a competing tournament.


San Diego International Classic, Oceanside California


Tournament Schedule

October 9th 2016, San Diego International Classic, Oceanside California

Check back often for additions, links and changes in schedule for 2016 – 2017 Tournament Events

tournaments international and domestic

Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation, Wales UK


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