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Christy I., Carlsbad CA, Parent and Student Testimonial

My family loves AK Martial Arts and Fitness!  I have a 3 year old daughter and a 5 year old son that take karate classes and they love it! The instructors are great with the kids and I love how much my kids adore and respect the instructors. I also take karate classes at AK and love the exercise I get along with learning self defense and many other skills. I think it is wonderful how much they are involved in the community and how much support they give to the local schools.

Lesley S., Carlsbad CA, Parent

What a refreshing surprise it was to discover AK Martial Arts and Fitness.  Your do jang really does adhere to a higher standard than most; teaching with integrity and exposing us to the great art of Tang Soo Do.  One of the reasons we chose your do jang, in the first place, was because of your unique method of testing and sparring.  Your testing protocol sets itself apart from that of other martial arts do jangs.  At AK Martial Arts and Fitness, testing is performed only upon honest evaluation of abilities and performance.  It is truly skill-based and not about anything else (such as money or promotion just for the sake of belt collecting).  Your do jang is genuine and true to your art.  Additionally, sparring is performed in such a way that is mindful of personal ability and respectful of safety.  You eliminate the element of injury, and yet manage to maximize the development of the skill.  After being a part of your incredible do jang for nearly five years now, we just want to say Thank You and please keep doing exactly what you’re doing.  AK Martial Arts and Fitness…you’re the best!

Kathy P., Carlsbad, Ca, Parent and Student

A.K. Martial Arts & Fitness has ignited a love of martial arts in me. It has increased my awareness, confidence, and strength… I am getting back into shape and have more energy… They have highly skilled instructors who motivate me to do my best…focused and fantastic!  I love working out in the clean, cutting-edge environment…..multiple class times help me fit my workouts into my busy work schedule.

Kurt W., Carlsbad, CA, Parent and Student

If you are looking for a different kind of workout, self-defense skills, a positive environment for your children to learn about self-discipline and self-control while picking up valuable lessons regarding physical fitness –  then i highly recommend trying out AK Martial Arts and Fitness….Now we all have an activity we can talk about together, something we can do together and something healthy to do at least a couple of times per week.  I’m stronger, have better posture and am generally more relaxed.

Tony B., San Marcos, CA, Parent

UNBELIEVABLE…BRILLIANT! This is without a doubt the best Martial Arts Gym in the country. Their RealFit4Life location is big, roomy, clean and inviting. The second you walk in, you’ll feel like family. They teach more than martial arts and fitness, they encourage self confidence and disciplines. Whether your 4, 14, 40 or older, male or female, this is definitely the place to check out. My son started there when he was 3 years old and now he’s 8 and has achieved his Green Belt. He has learned self control, self respect, respect for others and so much more. Every instructor is wonderful..they’re a team, and every member is part of that team too. I can’t say enough. AK Martial Arts & Fitness is the number one choice.

Jill B., Vista CA, Parent

This is a great, positive place for kids to be each week. My boys leave feeling regenerated every time. They have formed friendships and have developed skills in physical coordination, mental focus, memory, and respect for others and the Gym. I definitely recommend meeting the staff and trying out the karate program.

Lori S., San Marcos, CA, Parent and Student

When I am asked “why do you take Tang Soo Do?” my quick answer is always that it compliments my running and is a great workout. I leave my session sweaty, sore and excited to go back for more. Another explanation would be that A.K. Martial Arts & Fitness is a complete package. They have great community involvement and fun family events. On a personal level, when I leave the Center my brain has been challenged learning new Korean words. My body has been challenged by trying to perform better. My spirit has been lifted by the genuine care, compassion and respect from the instructors. I am grateful to have A.K. Martial Arts & Fitness as a part of my journey.

Gerry & Donna G. San Marcos, CA

Sa Bom Nim Gilvey and Sa Bom Nim Estes do not simply teach the requirements of Tang Soo Do, they live them.  These instructors show, by example, how to live these time honored principles every day — providing excellent role models for kids and adults alike….I’ve read other great testimonials for AK Martial Arts & Fitness and concur.  Without a doubt, this is the best Do Jang in the country.

Joe H., Vista, CA Parent and Student

AK Martial Arts and Fitness cares about their members.  Working out with the head instructors is such a positive experience, an experience that has forever changed the lives of myself and my son.  We look forward to spending time at the Center with our instructors and friends.

Teddy L., San Marcos CA, Parent

AK Martial Arts has been a great experience for our grandson. Instructors stress the importance of self control and listening, while at the same time work on motor skills. They are patient and understand the needs of each individual child. We highly recommend them!

Grace R., Carlsbad, CA, Parent

The discipline of martial arts has truly impacted my son in a powerful way!  Working with instructors that are both compassionate and regimented has helped him strike a balance both physically and socially.  There are so many frustrations that adolescents confront today. Tang Soo Do (at AK Martial Arts & Fitness) has been a means of finding a peace and strength that has really made a positive difference in Jake’s life!  As a mother, I would strongly recommend it for our sons and daughters!

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