A. R. Carlsbad, CA, Student

THIS IS SUCH AN AMAZING PLACE.The facility is extremely large and clean. The families that go here are wonderful and they are so positive and encouraging. I really have so much fun being here and socializing with everybody. The instructors are incredibly kind and patient people. They go the extra miles to make sure that all the students and the families are comfortable. The truly dedicate their whole life to this and it such a wonderful thing to see how generous and giving they are. They really take the time to listen to their students and make sure the completely understand what is going on. The most incredible thing about this place is that they don’t just offer martial arts, but sports agility training as well. This is the place to be because it teaches self-discipline and self-control as well as respect. It’s very hard now these days to find people who truly respect one another and this place is just awesome. I would recommend this place to anybody of all ages because it is just a fun atmosphere and you really learn a lot of things that you can take with you and apply it to everyday living.