Lesley S., Carlsbad CA, Parent

What a refreshing surprise it was to discover AK Martial Arts and Fitness.  Your do jang really does adhere to a higher standard than most; teaching with integrity and exposing us to the great art of Tang Soo Do.  One of the reasons we chose your do jang, in the first place, was because of your unique method of testing and sparring.  Your testing protocol sets itself apart from that of other martial arts do jangs.  At AK Martial Arts and Fitness, testing is performed only upon honest evaluation of abilities and performance.  It is truly skill-based and not about anything else (such as money or promotion just for the sake of belt collecting).  Your do jang is genuine and true to your art.  Additionally, sparring is performed in such a way that is mindful of personal ability and respectful of safety.  You eliminate the element of injury, and yet manage to maximize the development of the skill.  After being a part of your incredible do jang for nearly five years now, we just want to say Thank You and please keep doing exactly what you’re doing.  AK Martial Arts and Fitness…you’re the best!