Kurt Watson

If you are looking for:
-A different kind of workout

-Self-defense skills

-A positive environment for your children to learn about self-discipline and self-control while picking up valuable lessons regarding physical fitness;

then I highly recommend trying out AK Martial Arts & Fitness. It’s okay not to be sure you want to dedicate yourself to this activity, but you should at least give it a shot.

Highlights of the operation:
The studio is large enough to accommodate many students and give each student plenty of room for moving, the staff is dedicated, competent, serious (but capable of humor!) and approachable.

There are many materials available for class, such as balance beam, jelly pads, medicine balls, etc. and the student body has a good work ethic and a real sense of community.

People I recommend try traditional Tang Soo Do at AK Martial Arts & Fitness:

Any well-formed child from 3 years on up. Yes, 3. You would be amazed at the lessons they can learn and the fun they can have!

Any adult looking for a different kind of workout. You will use different muscles and coordination than you use in any other athletic endeavor, so if you are looking for a cross-training activity or just something to keep you from getting bored with treadmills, this is great!

Any adult serious about self-defense. Honestly, that should be all of us. You won’t be able to take on a legion of bad guys just because you studied martial arts for 6 months, but you will be able to give one attacker way more trouble than he bargained for. Some of the training exercises emulate 4 simultaneous attackers! I hope I never need that, but at least I’ve practiced it a few times now.

I started training at AK because my kids were doing it. Now we all have an activity we can talk about together, something we do together, and something healthy to do at least a couple times per week. I’m stronger, have better posture and am generally more relaxed, plus I’ve discovered I actually enjoy sparring. I never would have expected that, nor all the other little nuggets of fun I’ve discovered along the journey.

The owners of this studio put their hearts and souls into the place, and it shows. It is a very positive environment, and I cannot recommend it more highly.

Kurt Watson