Virtual Summer Camps 2020

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Release form for virtual camps

I, the designated parent or person having legal custody/guardianship of the minors shown above, or for myself, give permission for attendees listed to participate in all activities as described in the announcement for the program event. I hereby voluntarily and knowingly assume all risks and dangers inherent and incidental to the activities of the program. I will not hold AK Martial Arts and Fitness, RealFit4Life (DBA) its instructors, employees or other attending guests liable for any injuries incurred during the program whether caused by equipment or the acts or omissions of others excepting, damage or injury solely caused by the willful misconduct of negligence of AK Martial Arts and Fitness or its employees or agents. I, the undersigned parent or person having legal custody/guardianship of the minors shown above acknowledge that there is no existing medical condition, and/or other condition of importance that is not listed above in the section Other Info that will prohibit the mentioned minors above to participate in activities listed in the events announcement. I also acknowledge that all minors must be over the age of 6 unless otherwise noted for said event. I, the designated parent/guardian also assume full responsibility of access and virtual care in my home; this includes clearing a safe place for the camper as well as removing any questionable items from camera view. I will be responsible for my internet access of laptop, camera and computer and ensure I have high speed internet connection. I understand by clicking on the submit button below that I agree to the policies and have filled out this registration form accurately and to the best of my knowledge. Photography Media will be utilized during the event and I acknowledge that AK Martial Arts has full rights and ownership to said media which will or can be used to market similar events for AK Martial Arts and Fitness. I also acknowledge that i will not receive compensation for any said media. I understand that you require that campers do not share links to anyone outside camp without further approval from AK Martial Arts & Fitness. All requests to attend camps or classes for people that are not members should be sent to [email protected] Any member that breaches this agreement will be reviewed for possible suspension in camps and/training for the safety of others. · All live sessions on Zoom will not be recorded and no archives will be kept. I understand that I do not have permission to record any sessions or use any materials given to promote other businesses. Any member that breaches this agreement will be immediately suspended from camps/training for the safety of others. I am aware that if I join any sessions in Zoom that other attendees may be able to see or hear me and my surroundings. I understand that I do have the ability to switch off my camera. However, I must be visible to the instructor at the start of the session for roll call and my identity is verified. I understand that before every class and camp i will automatically be put in a virtual waiting room to verify my authorization and name before I’m let in to the main room(s). · I am responsible for muting sessions if need be. I understand Good behavior is required in Zoom chat. I understand that my camp may be cancelled at any time for bad behavior. Please review Camp Cancellation Policy for details. By submitting the authorization below, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined above.

Camp Cancellation Policy

Reservations and Cancellation Policy Payment in full is required to reserve spot(s). A minimum of 4 attendees must be registered and paid in full for camp to occur. A full refund will be given in the event of AK Martial Arts and Fitness cancels week or day(s) of camp and you get to keep the Camp In The Box if this happens. You can cancel any camp up to 30 days prior to the camp, receiving a full refund, minus $65 cancellation fee per camp/camper. This fee covers the cost of the Camp In The Box and credit card fees. You can cancel a camp within 30 days of the camp, receiving a full refund, minus $75 cancellation fee per camp/camper. Sick Days, Arriving Late, Leaving Early, Behavioral Problems, Home networking problems and inappropriate or misuse of online libraries, content or online bullying of other campers or instructors – There are no refunds or credits towards other camps. Transfer Policy You are not allowed to transfer the to another virtual week of camp due to cost to you. It is best to cancel your current enrolled camp and re-enroll in another camp to save money. You can transfer the enrollment to an immediate family member in household (if not already in attendance) with no additional fees. You can not transfer enrollment of camp outside of immediate family. All fees charged are based on per camp enrollment. Please call 760-828-7165 if you have questions on our virtual camp cancellation policy. Retail $259 per camper.

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