San Diego Classic Tournament

Sunday October 13th

10 am to 5 pm

AK Martial Arts and Fitness

RealFit4Life Facility

Bressi Ranch Carlsbad, California USA

San Diego Classic Tournamament

6120 Innovation Way

Bressi Ranch Carlsbad CA


Online Registration Now Closed

Register before Midnight PST October 5th.  Registrations & payments received after that time will be considered for at the door price of $250.

Note: Doesn’t include $2 Spectator Fee $3 per board for board breaking you pay at the door.  

Tournament Schedule for Sunday, October 13th

Ranks listed below are based on the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation guidelines.  If you are from a school that is not part of the TTF, please refer to the Chart belt ranking of each school Click Here. 

Please refer to the Division List Column and Time Below  You will be assigned to a Group upon your arrival at check in.

If you need assistance or clarification, please contact us at 760-828-7165 BEFORE SATURDAY AT NOON.

8:30 to 9 am – Volunteer Meeting for Front Lobby

9:00 am – Check in OPENS

9:30 to 10 am – Judges and Officials Meeting

10 am Opening Ceremonies with Little Tiger and Senior Tiger events immediately following

Division List Group Time
Little Tiger – Group A1 A1 10:00 AM
Senior Tiger Group A2 A2 10:00 AM
Senior Tiger Group A3 A3 10:00 AM
9th and 8th Gups ages 6-9 B1 10:30AM
7th and 8th Gups ages 7-10 B2 10:30AM
6th Gups all ages B3 10:30AM
9th to 6th Gups ages 10-14 C1 11:30AM
5th Gups ages 8-9 C2 11:30AM
4th Gups ages 9-10 C3 11:30AM
3rd Gups ages 8-11 C4 11:30AM
3rd to 1st Gups ages 10-15 C5 11:30AM
Chil Sung Forms – Before D Groups start CS1 12:30PM
Chil Sung Forms – Before D Groups start CS2 12:30PM
1st Gups ages 18+ D1 12:30PM
2nd to 1st Gups ages 10-11 D2 12:30PM
2nd to 1st Gups ages 11-14 D3 12:30PM
TEAM FORMS – Before E Groups Start T1 01:30 PM
WEAPONS FORMS – 8th – 4th Gups W1 01:30 PM
1st to 2nd Dans – Female E1 01:30 PM
1st to 2nd Dans – Males E2 01:30 PM

Tournament Training to prep for the San Diego Classic at AK Martial Arts and Fitness

Tournament training is free at our facility as long as you have registered and paid for your San Diego Classic Events.  Some tournament trainings are open to other schools that are competing.  Please see more info and times below.  When you come to your training, please make sure you get our purple tag for your belt to show you are representing your school!  A minimum of 3 attendees are required to make each training happen.  Please make sure you RSVP so we have enough black belts to assist you in your training journey.  Questions?  Call 760-828-7165 for more information or to sign up for trainings.  Please note, some practices (particularly for Little Tigers and Senior Tigers) will be conducting during classes after testing cycle.

  • Thursday, October 10th 6 to 7 pm Ages 5+ Forms and Breaking

Important Documents for the San Diego Classic Tournament

Chart belt ranking of each school Click Here

San Diego Classic Guidelines and Policies Click Here

Videos to Fierce Tiger and Sr Tiger/Junior Dragon Children’s Competitions

Note you can read about specific details of each form on our San Diego Classic Guidelines. pdf listed in the registration form below.

Here is a link to a video of the Fierce Tiger Combination

Here is  link to a video of the Senior Tiger and Junior Dragon Tournament Form

Judges, Officials and Volunteers

If you can volunteer your time to help with judging (Black belts only), time/score keeping (anyone), or set up or take down, please click on this link to let us know what times you are available.


Sponsored by AK Martial Arts & Fitness and Sanctioned by the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation


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