Camp Referral

February 10th through February 24th

Refer a friend to our 2/24 Festival of Fun
spring and summer camps sale for 2018 and you might win the chance jackpot!

Jackpot total: $125.37


How it Works

  1. Refer a friend(s) to any of our spring or summer camps for 2018.  They will receive a savings of over 40% by coming to our Festival of Fun Event on February 24th.
  2. Refer as many friends as you want – it increases your chances.
  3. Friend fills out an online camp registration form or a manual registration form at the front desk before February 24th at 1 pm
  4. Friend MUST identify your name on the camp registration form before it is submitted to us.  We can not take after thought friends to be fair to others.
  5. Friend comes to the Festival of Fun Event on February 24th and either puts a $50 deposit on camps or pays for camps in full.
  6. You are entered into the jackpot for a chance to win.  The more camps your friends signs up for, the bigger the jackpot.
  7. Check back often on this page to see jackpot changes.
  8. Jackpot will be drawn the week of March 5th and winners notified via phone or email.
  9. Jackpot amount listed is a guestimate and will change based on confirmed payments the day of February 24th.

Questions and Answers

Do I need to be there to win on February 24th?

No.  We will do the drawing  week of March 5th once final sales have been counted.  You will be contacted via email, or phone.  We will also make sure that you are contacted through your friend if we can’t get a hold of you.

I’m not planning on going to camps this year – can i still refer friends and be entered in the pot to win?


Does my friend have to physically come to AK Martial Arts & Fitness on February 24th between 9 and 1 pm to pay and finalize their camps


I forgot or my friend forgot to enter my name on their camp registration form.  Can I still be entered to win?

No.  To be fair to others, you will need to make sure your friend enters your name on the camp registration form under field “if Friend or Other, Please list”  before the camp registration is submitted to us.

How many chances do i get to win?

If your friend lists you on their camp registration form under “”if Friend or Other, Please list” and they pick 8 camps – you will have 8 chances to win the pot.  There is no min or max limit of chances.

How much is the jackpot?

The jackpot will post a GUESTIMATED pot up until March 5th week.  Once all the camp payments received on February 24th have been tallied, the final amount will be posted on this page.  A percentage of each camp week sold will be donated to the jackpot.

Any Questions?

Contact us at 760-828-7165 weekdays between 10 am and 7 pm.