Join AK Martial Arts & Fitness for  our 2019 Summer Camps! 

We have been voted one of the best summer camp locations IN THE COUNTRY!

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We support the Carlsbad, Encinitas, San Marcos, Vista & Oceanside Districts. 

Call Joanna Costello, Event Director if you need additional assistance in booking your camps at 760-828-7165.  You can also email her at [email protected]


Voted Top Camp Location in San Diego County, Southern California & in the Country

Ages 5 and Up.  Daily Camps run 9 to 3 pm.  Before and After Camp Program: Flexible, Daily/Weekly Extended Camp Schedule 7:30 am to 9 am & 3 to 6 pm.  See descriptions for camps and the separate, Extended Camp Program below.

We are known for our camps.  Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter – we have it all.  Each camp has a unique theme, a dedicated and engaged staff and plenty of equipment and activities to make each week a special experience. Check out our current camp season list below!  All Camps are for Ages 5 and Up.  Camp activities are planned based on theme and age groups that sign up.  Camp Weeks include 1 free camp t shirt for the season (while supplies last), park fees, guest speakers, all supplies and materials.  

Summer 2019 Camp Registration now open!

Camps run from a standard 9 am to 3 pm (unless noted special hours & pricing below).   Camp pricing listed 1st Child/Sibling.


STEAM camp includes examining finds under microscopes, a visit from a real scientist and some fantastic science experiments. Shaving Cream Art and other art projects


July 8 through July 12 Full STEAM Ahead!

Get ready to get messy and have a blast!  Campers will work on safe projects for basic to more complex. Design and Build motorized robots. Microscope experiments and  camper favorites:  make slime, super balls, silly putty and quicksand.  Guest instructor will be a real Scientist!  Campers will work on special experiments with him to study lab creations.  Foam, clay, shaving cream art with art instructor and other projects.  Lego challenge.  Friday we will end the week with Laser Tag, dodgeball and Nintendo!  This camp will focus on results in working in a team of 2 for most projects; strengthening motor skills with designing and creating with specialized kits (not computer based). Challenges will be separated out by age group and/or friends for maximum enjoyment with complexity challenges based on age and/or experience.


All equipment is supplied.  Campers should not be expecting to use computers for this week.  We will have a light homework assignment for finding materials they would like to look at through our microscopes for study and analysis.

5 day camp price for 1st child/sibling  Price $: 399/289


Xtreme Ninja Camp includes safe Bow & Arrow Training, Nerf Dart, and Board Breaking.

July 15 through July 19th Xtreme Ninja Camp

Obstacle courses, martial arts, archery and more.  Beginners to advanced are invited to this camp.  Campers will learn how to do the highest flying kicks and basic to advanced martial arts.  Practice and break wooden boards, learn a sword form that is demonstrated against multiple opponents.   Learn the history of Ninjas and how they came to power.  Learn the basics of Ninja stars; their history and safe application.  Flag sparring challenge against other teams that will take you through complex obstacle courses.  Scavenger hunt for the clan diamonds and illusive Ninja.  Nerf dart tag included in this week’s.  BONUS: new campers get a free week of martial arts classes after this week’s camp ends – take it any time during the summer!


Beginners need no knowledge or experience of martial arts to attend this camp.

Beginners, students and non-students should wear comfortable clothing the week of camp.  no jewelry, skirts or dresses will be allowed due to safety.  AKMA uniform pants optional.

5 day camp price for 1st child/sibling  Price $: 399/289

Ninja Fortress Academy includes giant fort building, legos, archery, laser and popper tag.

July 22 thru July 26 Ninja Fortress Academy

Campers will design and build giant Ninja Fortresses with their team to use for laser and nerf dart tag play.  Lego play includes building mini fortress with secret locations, a ninja relic hunt against other ninja teams and archery with team designed ninja obstacle courses. Play Ninja Popper Tag with sticky targets.  This camp will focus on results in motor skill strengthening, hand eye coordination and working as part of a team.  Challenges will be separated out by age group for maximum enjoyment.  Computers will not be used during this week’s camp.

5 day camp price for 1st child/sibling  Retail: 399/289

This Camp is now on waitlist.  Please fill out the registration form if you would like to be called back if a spot becomes available.  You will not pay for the camp until confirmation of a spot is made for you.  Please call 760-828-7165 and ask for Joanna if you have any questions.

Wizard camp includes sorting into houses, making potions, wand making, slime and quicksand challenges, laser tag.

July 29th through August 2nd Wizard Camp

Join us for a week of mystery, magic and fun!  You will arrive at our school to participate in the sorting hat ceremony that chooses your wizard house.  Create your own unique wand to be used to create magic tricks, participate in search challenges and decipher mysteries.  Create your own mystical creature to race against other wizards in the wizarding world to the long lost diamond minds of dnomaidetihw caves.  You will play quidditch with your house to try to win back the golden snitch.  Create magical quicksand and solve the mystery to vanquish the enchanted wizard from the mystical swamp.  Mystery Challenges every day.  Laser tag included in this camp.

5 day camp price for 1st child/sibling  Retail: 399/289

This Camp is now on waitlist.  Please fill out the registration form if you would like to be called back if a spot becomes available.  You will not pay for the camp until confirmation of a spot is made for you.  Please call 760-828-7165 and ask for Joanna if you have any questions.

Space Wars Camp includes light saber training, a visit from Tracie Arlington from Play it Safe on Thursday, space hunts and lego space challenges.

August 5 through August 9th Space Wars Camp

The ultimate in galaxy quests and challenges for the camper that loves space. You will train with Jedi masters and use light sabers to battle opponents for prizes, participate in a space hunt for lost artifacts and treasure, jedi training battles, asteroid races, lego challenges and planet obstacle wars.  Create your own bouncing planets.  Laser Tag. Guest Speaker, Tracie Arlington from Play It Safe Self Defense will be here on Thursday to train campers in bully avoidance, stranger awareness and self defense.

5 day camp price for 1st child/sibling  Price $: 399/289

Spy Wars Camp includes, web mazes, invisible message challenges, jewel hunt, laser and nerf dart tag, cryptex puzzles to solve spy missions.

August 12th through August 16th Spy Wars Camp This Camp is now on waitlist.  Please fill out the registration form if you would like to be called back if a spot becomes available.  You will not pay for the camp until confirmation of a spot is made for you.  Please call 760-828-7165 and ask for Joanna if you have any questions.

Campers will train on multiple missions each day that will increase in level of complexity; obstacle courses, web maze, gladiator training and more.  Utilize microscopes and slides to analyze objects found on secret missions and hunts. Search for evidence and clues to major capers utilizing decipher code wheels, compasses and invisible ink pens.  Sinister agents will block your progress at every turn so stay focused on each task!  Compete for prizes in the web matrix – look out for famed jewel thief, Donna Diamond!  You will end the week in search of Donna for her capture, the gems that she stole and the ultimate secret agent prize.  Laser tag and Nerf Dart Tag Included in this camp. Earn secret agent status by end of week. You will have daily mission challenges to complete!

Top Shots Camp includes laser tag, archery, popper tag, dodgeball, inflatable relay races and more.

August 19th through August 23rd Top Shots Camp

Designed for the high energy camper to learn & strengthen skills in Bow & Arrow, Laser Tag, Nerf  Dart Tag & Popper Tag.   Along with team games there will be target practice & prizes.  Obstacle courses will take you through a maze with bouncing horses.  You will try to win competitions against other teams in various challenges.

5 day camp price for 1st child/sibling  Price $: 399/289

Battle fun camp includes obstacle courses you create, dodge ball, gladiator challenge, laser and nerf dart tag, giant domino builds, legos.

August 26th & August 27th  Battle FUN Camp

The last 2 days of summer will be a blast with our Dodge Ball, Laser, Nerf Dart Tag, Lego Challenges, Nintendo Party, Giant Dominos, Gladiator course and more! This camp will focus on results in working as a team as well as individual projects.  Activities will be separated out by age group and/or friends for maximum enjoyment with complexity challenges based on age and/or experience.

1 day camp price for 1st child/sibling  Retail: 95/95

LIMITED TIME: ONLINE CAMP SALE: $50 per day per Camper per day

  • Camp Registration

    Please fill out the registration form below. THE SIBLING RATE DISCOUNT IS GOOD FOR THE SAME WEEK AND OR DAY THE 1ST CAMPER ATTENDS. One form per camper is required. After filling out this form, you will be given an option to fill out another registration for another camper(s). Once you have completed entering all of your registration form(s) you can pay the total amount on your final confirmation page. Your spot(s) and discount pricing (if applicable) are not confirmed until payment is made. You can also request an on-line invoice, drop off a check or pay in cash. Wait Lists are managed on a first come, first serve basis. Supplies, Equipment and other fees are included in the cost of each camp session unless noted. Campers must come with lunch, snacks and drinks for each day. Please note if allergy free table needed below. Camps are for ages 5 and up. Standard Camp hours are from 9 to 3 pm. The Extended Camp Hours Program is separate and varies but usually includes 7:30 am to 9am and 3pm to 6pm at additional, nonrefundable charge. Please check website for each camp day or week details on Extended Camp.
  • Camper will be given 1 t shirt for the season when booking week long camp.
  • Camps that are on Wait List

    If you would still like to attend a wait list camp, you can fill out the form to be added to the wait list but you will not be allowed to pay. Filling out a registration form doesn't guarantee a spot for you. Wait lists are managed on a first come, first serve basis via online time stamp of when you filled out your registration form.
  • Select the camp week (s) you would like to attend

    Select the week(s) you are interested in for full week or selected days for one day only campers. If a camp is on wait list, only a registration form is required. No payment is required for wait list camps. Wait list managed on a first come first serve basis. We will call you if a spot opens up.
  • If you are not coming for a full week(s) of one of the camps listed above, please note the specific date(s) you want to attend here. We will contact you with any questions and confirmations.
  • Extended Camp Hours so you can stay longer for days that you select.

    Our camps offer flexible times! If you would like to extend the fun, you can stay longer with our Extended Camp Hours Program. Extended Camp Hours is an additional charge and it includes the hours of 7:30 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 6 pm. You can reserve Extended Camp Hours by week or by day. You must reserve and pay for your Extended Camp Hours 5 days in advance. Since it is nonrefundable for Extended Camp Program, we recommend you wait to purchase until the week before your camp starts.
  • If you need a combination of regular camp hours from 9 to 3pm and 7 30am to 6 pm, please select the 3rd button below and note the specific days under the next section below
  • If you need only selected days for the Extended Camp Hours Program, please list the dates below. We will contact you with questions and confirmations.
  • AK Martial Arts and Fitness doesn't provide food at camps. This is to make sure campers with allergies are designated at specific tables for allergy safety during snack and lunch times.
  • First NameLast NameTelephone 
  • Monthly Newsletter via Mail Chimp

    You can find out more about camp discounts, addition of weeks, guest speakers and more. You will also be notified of camp discounts before public release.
  • Acknowledgement and Agreement

    For convenience and for the environment, AK Martial Arts utilizes on line forms for events and authorization. Please read the following section carefully. You will be asked for your authorization as your agreement to said policies. You will receive a copy of your agreement via email provided above. Invalid email or no authorization will result in a forfeited camp agreement and spots requested.
  • Late Pick Up Policy and Charges

    The first 10 minutes is no charge, after 10 minutes it is a $10 charge plus $1 a minute per child.
  • Reservations and Cancellation Policy

    Payment in full is required to reserve spot(s). A minimum of 8 attendees must be registered and paid in full for camp to occur. A full refund will be given in the event of AK Martial Arts an Fitness cancels week or day(s) of camp. You can cancel any camp up to 30 days prior to the camp, receiving a full refund, minus $39 cancellation fee per camp/camper. You can cancel a camp within 30 days of the camp, receiving a full refund, minus $99 cancellation fee per camp/camper (prorated for less than full week campers)
  • Sick Days, Arriving Late, Leaving Early, Behavioral Problems

    There are no refunds or credits towards other camps.
  • Transfer Policy

    You are allowed to transfer your enrollment to another camp week if space is available. The administration fee for this is $19 per transfer. You will also need to pay the difference of your original payment to the new and current market valu (if any) of the new camp. You can also transfer the enrollment to an immediate family member (if not already in attendance) with the designated fees listed above applied. You can not transfer enrollment of camp outside of immediate family.
  • Authorization and Finalization

    I the designated parent or person having legal custody or guardianship of the minors shown above, or for myself, give permission for these minors to participate in all activities as described in the announcement for the program event. I hereby voluntarily and knowingly assume all risks and dangers inherent and incidental to the activities of the program. I will not hold AK Martial Arts and Fitness, its instructors, employees or other attending guests or parks visited liable for any injuries incurred during the program whether caused by equipment on or off site from building or the acts or omissions of others excepting, damage or injury soley caused by the willful misconduct of negligence of AK Martial Arts and Fitness or its employees or agents. I the undersigned parent or person having legal custody or guardianship of the minors shown above acknowledge that there is no existing medical condition, food allergy and/or other condition of importance that is not listed above in section Other Info that will prohibit the mentioned minors above to participate in activities listed in the events announcement. I also acknowledge that all minors must be over the age of 5. I understand by signing below that I agree to the policies and have filled out this registration form accurately and to the best of my knowledge. Photography and/or Video Media will be utilized during the event and I acknowledge that AK Martial Arts has full rights and ownership to said media which will or can be used to market similar events for AK Martial Arts and Fitness I waive the right to any compensation for pictures or videos taken and used by AK Martial Arts and Fitness. I understand that AK Martial Arts and Fitness can change activities, themes or guest speakers at any time and that AK Martial Arts and Fitness is not responsible for Guest Speaker cancellations or agenda changes.
  • Guardian agrees to abide by the policies set by AK Martial Arts and Fitness
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Once you fill out your registration, you will receive an email confirmation along with a personalized invoice for payment.  You can choose to pay the invoice by credit card on line or you can call with credit card, drop off a check or cash, or pay with credit card at our office anytime between the hours of Noon to 8 pm.  Call 760-828-7165 or email us at [email protected] for more information.  Web specials or sales price can not be used with other offers or for past transactions. Camp activities, guest speakers and agendas can change without notice.

EXTENDED CAMP DESCRIPTION, HOURS & PRICING FOR EARLY MORNING AND EARLY EVENING (unless noted below).  Note that you will be contacted the week before your camp starts to confirm and pay for your extended camp hours selections.  You must have booked and payed for normal camp hours from 9 am to 3 pm as soon as possible to be offered the extended camp hours.  Because the Extended Camp Program is a separate program from day camp, it is not refundable.  We recommend you wait to book your Extended Camp Program the week before your camp week.  We also recommend that you have your child bring extra snacks and required reading or projects.  Activities include team projects, art, board games, walk in the park, agility training, dodgeball, martial arts study (for those that are testing in their classes), guest speakers, movie shorts and more.  Active Students that are not coming to camp during the day can take advantage of the Extended Camp during the summer (when space is available).  We will ensure your Student will also get to their designated classes.  Contact 760-828-7165 for additional information.

7:30 am to 9 am $25 per child per week or $15 per day.

3 to 6 pm $44 per child per week, or $20 per day.

Morning and Afternoon together: $69 per child per week, $35 per day

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