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Martial Arts Classes and Uniform for only $29!

AK Martial Arts & Fitness is offering a fantastic deal for martial arts classes on Groupon.  For just $29 you get a uniform, belt, and 5 of the best martial arts classes.  This is a great way to try out our programs!

We provide specialized group training to maximize martial arts instruction by age group and belt level.  Programs include Little Tigers (Ages 3&4), Sr Tigers (ages 5 to 7),  Dragons (Ages 8 to 12), Teens (Ages 13 to 19 and Adults.

Located in the 6,000 Square Foot RealFit4Life Building in Bressi Ranch Carlsbad, we offer award-winning and accredited martial arts classes in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do for beginners to advanced.  Call us today for an appointment to get started at 760-828-7165 or contact us by way of the form below.

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Grab our $29 Deal for 5 martial arts classes and uniform through Groupon with our MAPS association.

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    AK Martial Arts & Fitness is an award winning martial arts do jang located in the RealFit4Life Specialty Gym in Carlsbad California. We can help you select the best program for your martial arts journey!