Ages 8 to 12

Ages 8 to 12 Martial Arts Program for Dragons

Ages 8 to 12 karate martial arts Dragon program in Bressi Ranch CarlsbadOur accredited Ages 8 to 12 Dragon program is certified by the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation (TTF).  A progressive curriculum, it provides fun and focus on Tang Soo Do training that leads to the ultimate Black Belt certification.   It is a highly structured and high energy program that includes forms (series of movements) self defense, one step and free sparring, weapons, terminology and much more.  Our instructors utilize SAQ(tm) (speed, agility and quickness) training to produce results in quicker feet and hand movements for sparring and forms.  Although tournaments are not required to progress in belt levels, Dragons are encouraged to try competition tournaments locally and internationally.  AK Martial Arts & Fitness houses many Dragon Champion, Grand Champions and World Champions in sparring, weapons and forms.    Our Dragon program instills the positive, life changing benefits of Tang Soo Do traditions: respect for one’s self, respect for others, self confidence, courtesy, humility, perseverance, honesty, integrity and self-control.  Emphasizes goal setting and positive reinforcement of personal success while teaching children how to stay safe and avoid violent situations.  As Dragons progress in their belts, they are encouraged to try our Masters Club and Leadership (AI) Programs.  These programs are designed to teach responsibility to their family, community, the do jang, school, and to their fellow students. We recommend your Dragon come to class at least 2 times a week to advance in their beginner gup (colored belt) levels.  Classes are unlimited and flexible for this age group; many classes are held more than 2 times per day.

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