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About Us – AK Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc.

Update as of August 2020 : Please note all classes are virtual at this time. For the safety of you and your family, our instructors and members, our Bressi Ranch Carlsbad facility will be closed until California state mandate has been lifted. Questions, call or text us at 760-828-7165

Martial Arts Classes and Free Member Activities On Zoom

We are currently offering all of our regularly scheduled martial arts classes, semi private and private classes live on line.  We are also providing an extensive video library for members to use along with weekly challenges and weekend activities.   If our quarantine extends through the fall and winter, we will be offering increased and free activities to our members and families that will have flexible times and days.


We are continuing virtual camps through the lock down for the fall and winter.  Please check back for more information on our camp page or give us a call at 760-828-7165.

After School Program (ASP)

Our popular ASP program will continue this Fall.  The program will support virtual and physical location depending on state mandate.  Contact us at 760-828-7165 via call or text.  You can also reach us via [email protected]

About Us Instructors at AK Martial Arts and Fitness

Left to Right: Master McKinley, Ms. Best, Master Estes (Owner), Master Gilvey (Owner), Ms. Garcia, Miss SW


AK Martial Arts & Fitness is a local, family owned business that provides fitness, sport and martial arts training for all ages and capabilities. We provide personalized fitness routines that include traditional martial arts, speed, agility and quickness training.  We offer many years of experience and accredited instruction in the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.  Stop by our do jang to learn more about us and our programs.

About Us AKMA is an accredited member of the Traditional Tang Soo Do FederationWe are proud that our do jang is accredited and instructors certified with the international Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation (TTF). The TTF is headquartered in Wales, U.K and led by Founder and Chief Instructor, Master John Trudgill.  Kwan Jang Nim Trudgill and the TTF is recognized world-wide for demonstrated excellence in Tang Soo Do, premier tournament training and outstanding curriculum.  All of our Instructors must meet stringent requirements and re-certify twice a year in front of an offical TTF/UTC Testing Board. 

About Us Master Instructors from AK Martial Arts & Fitness and the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation

Master John Trudgill, Founder and Chief Instructor of the Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation, Masters, Kyo Sas and Black Belts, Wales, U.K.


Sa Bom Nim Gilvey and Sa Bom Nim Estes are also Board Members of the Martial Arts Professional Schools of San Diego (MAPS).  MAPS has 10 locations in San Diego and it is dedicated to providing quality martial arts training and effective community service to San Diegans and non-profit organizations. 

About Us AKMA is a member of MAPS Martial Arts Professional Schools

AK Martial Arts & Fitness is also affiliated with Tracie Arlington and PlayItSafe, a San Diego based organization that is dedicated in teaching practical self-defense techniques to women, teens and children in the San Diego area.  About Us Play It Safe is a Partner with AK Martial Arts and Fitness

We require that all of our employees have active certification with the American Red Cross in CPR for Adults, Children and Infants, First Aid and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and our facilities are equipped to handle first aid needs. 

About Us Mrs. Arlington from Play It Safe and Sa Bom Nim Gilvey at AK Martial Arts & Fitness

Mrs. Arlington from Play It Safe and Sa Bom Nim Gilvey at AK Martial Arts & Fitness

AK Martial Arts & Fitness is known as a local community leader, donating our facilities, time, money and effort to support local public schools and charities in need.  If you are interested in having us donate time, materials or events, please contact us at 760-828-7165. 


About Us Kyo Sa Peshek, Master Gilvey and Master Estes, Instructors at AK Martial Arts and Fitness

Kyo Sa Peshek, Master Gilvey and Master Estes

AK Martial Arts & Fitness works with local businesses, public servants and military to provide discounted access to our training facilities via our Corporate Partner Program.  Qualcomm and IT4Everyone are just two of the local businesses that take part in this program.  If you are a local business that would like to find out more about what we can offer you and your employees, please contact us at 760-828-7165.

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