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AK Martial Arts and Fitness works with local non-profit organizations, schools and charities to help raise money for much needed funds.  In the past 7 years, we have contributed over $100,000 by way of cash donations, goods and services to these organizations.  AK Martial Arts and Fitness is committed to helping our local community. 

  If you have a non-profit organization that needs sponsorship, please contact our front desk at 760-828-7165.

Registration Form for active events at AK Martial Arts and Fitness Below.

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  Please make sure you wear comfortable clothing to your event.  Please bring a light sweater or pull over to wear.  You will need to remove jewelry, socks and shoes to participate on the Do Jang Floor.  If you are doing a laser tag, nerf dart tag or board breaking party, children under the age of 5 will not be allowed to participate in those specific activities.  They will be allowed to participate in other events at the party per party host and AKMA approval.    


  We look forward to seeing you soon!



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IMPORTANT: WE DO NOT SPAM. This is your required release form to gain entrance to the party. Please read the agreement below and fill out the info below to register for the Event Party. When completed, a copy will be sent to your email address.

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Board Breaking is offered at some parties, not all. Check with your host to find out more information.*

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Acknowledgement and Agreement

I, the designated parent or person having legal custody/guardianship of the minors shown above, or for myself, give permission for these minors to participate in all activities as described in the announcement for the program event. I hereby voluntarily and knowingly assume all risks and dangers inherent and incidental to the activities of the program. I will not hold AK Martial Arts and Fitness, dba RealFit4Life, its instructors, employees, Towers Park or other attending guests liable for any injuries incurred during the program whether caused by equipment or the acts or omissions of others excepting, damage or injury solely caused by the willful misconduct of negligence of AK Martial Arts and Fitness DBA RealFit4Life or its employees or agents. I, the undersigned parent or person having legal custody/guardianship of the minors shown above acknowledge that there is no existing medical condition, food allergy and/or other condition of importance that is not listed above in OTHER INFO that will prohibit the mentioned minors above to participate in activities listed in the events announcement. I also acknowledge that all minors must be over the age of 5 for Laser tag and other gym games (check with party host for list of limitations). I understand that AK Martial Arts can and will use Photography and/or Video Media during the event and I acknowledge that AK Martial Arts has full rights and ownership to said media which will or can be used to market similar events for AK Martial Arts and Fitness. I agree to waive the right to any compensation for pictures or videos taken and used by AK Martial Arts and Fitness. . I understand by clicking on the submit button below that I agree to the policies and have filled out this registration form accurately and to the best of my knowledge.

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